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SAT Courses

SAT is one of the important English proficiency tests that is required by many universities in the world. If you are an international student who is planning to study in Turkey, then you are going to provide SAT 1 score to the universities you are going to apply. As Bilissel Akademi, we offer a private SAT course in Ankara for our students. Thanks to our extensive experience in education and English proficiency tests, we can assist you to receive the highest score possible depending on your abilities. We will also contribute to your development and boost your possible scores with the introduction of right and effective preparation techniques.

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Why You May Need SAT Score?

As we mentioned before, the SAT score is one of the must-have scores which you will need while applying for Turkish universities. Although the minimum score you need may vary depending on the university, every educational institution in Turkey requests this score from international students. On the other hand, even the test consists of two stages, only the first stage matters for the international students who want to study in Turkey. You do not need to make special preparation for the second part of the test, i.e., SAT 2, which includes the writing section.

How Should You Get Prepared for SAT?

You may start with understanding your needs and your current level in English. If you are an international student who is planning to study in Turkey, then there will be no need for you to get prepared for SAT 2. Although it is an English proficiency test, just like all other similar tests, it is possible to receive higher scores with the right preparation techniques. At this point, Bilişsel Akademi can be a great solution partner for students who want to receive professional help during their preparation. We can assist you during the process and help you to receive a higher score.