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For the recent years, students are encouraged to educate abroad mostly. According to students demand, universities are want some qualities before student acceptance to their university. For example, teaching in US or Europe could be dream for some specific students. With same way some foreign students want to get educate in Turkey. In order to locate students properly some exam system has developed. One of them is Sat. Sat Ankara course is serving to student for training.

Our special name is Bilişsel Academy which is serving in Ankara to students for many years. SAT , YÖS courses are planned by Academy and given to students by successfully. What is difference of us and why you should prefer us?

Sat and YÖS Courses in Ankara by Bilişsel Academy!

Ankara is both capital city center and beside, education center for Turkey. May qualified and advanced universities are established in Ankara over the years. Therefore many foreign student want to teach in Ankara. YÖS and Sat exam systems are, evaluates students level and knowledge.

In our course system, all students can expect high level of serving standards. Our main features are mentioned below respectively:

Well accepted devices and education strategy are implemented,

Native and stranger teaching staffs are made of our expert teaching staff for YÖS Ankara course,

All valid and high technology devices are furnished in every single classes

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