About YÖS Exam System



YÖS is an Academic examination system that foreign students who want to educate in Turkey, should attend. Some provisions are available for appealing to universities in Turkey for foreign people. Firstly they should finish or last grade of high school. Secondly, after YÖS exam, they are need to have sufficient score. İn order to handle your aim, YÖS course will be assistant to you.

During courses, all students can take advantage of facilities. Current exam system harmony and having information about basic exam strategies. All benefits will be accompany you to reaching for your aims. Turkey has fascinating and internationally, reputable universities and therefore you can take your chance for academic succeed.

During YÖS exam, students are questioned about basic information level about general ability and Turkish language skills. According to student main purpose and field target, Ankara YÖS course will plan to place the students into school.

How Can I Start to YÖS Course?

Ankara have abundant possibility for high level of education and therefore many foreign students want to educate in Ankara. With the high level of succeed rate to student placement into universities, YÖS Course Ankara will be ahead of you.

  • Qualified and experienced education staffs,
  • Center location to the city of the course center,
  • Sufficient and compatible working sources to the exam,
  • Week by week, placement tests and feedback system of the student,
  • Goal driven planning system,
  • Special classes and departments,
  • Strong communication network among the student and teaching staff

All application of the courses will serve to student. Special and sufficient education strategy and personal demands, will be come together. As YÖS Ankara, we will ask you some affordable and fair price. It will be appropriate of the student’s budget. High quality and low prices is another asset for the our course center.

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