What is the YÖS?

YÖS is an exam that means foreign citizen student’s selection examination. In order to get educate in Turkey’s university, any people who have no citizenship of Turkey, they need to take “YÖS” exam and need to be succeed.  This is an obligatory before to apply any higher education institution in Turkey. By attend to YÖS course Ankara, you can observe content of the examination and what you need to do for to overcome it.

YÖS examinations is held by ÖSYM which is responsible for student coordination to place them into schools by according to exam results. In order to be succeed in YÖS exam and make your dream a real, you need to take YÖS course.

YÖS exams are held in April and all applications are need to be done on ÖSYM official web site. If you want to be one of the student of Turkish universities, you will need to have YÖS Ankara experience. Courses are aimed to make the student ready for YÖS.

How to Get Ready for YÖS?

YÖS is contains multiple fields questions in Turkish. Therefore you have to handle Turkish first. Second stage will be comprehension step for exam’s content. The attendants should answer to math questions and general ability questions in test.

Most of the questions in test are basic level of information about related field. During general ability test, nominees are expected to solve simple logic questions. But the risk is all question is questioned in Turkish. All students need to improve themselves in Turkish speaking and reading ability. Also for further stage, many of the education during university classes will be given in Turkish besides.

YÖS exam is a target that is only obstacle for your university dream and if you want to make it real, Ankara YÖS courses will be suffice to you.